For a couple of years now, I’ve been a huge fan of Koala Swim micro swimwear. I suppose many people have never heard of micro swimwear, let alone the beautiful designs at Koala Swim, which is partly why I want to spread the word and let everyone know that swimming suits can be much more exciting than drab board shorts and swim shorts. In fact, it can be much sexier too.

I work for a website that caters for gay Singapore men, and I’ve finally been given free reign by my boss to write as much about my own personal fetish for tiny and revealing swimwear as I want to and put it up on the site.

Perhaps my interest in micro swimwear started in 1994, when I moved to Singapore. I was born in Sweden, which obviously isn’t the best place for sun, sand and surf! When I had the chance to live somewhere with beautiful beaches and year round sun, I couldn’t wait to strip off and hit the sand. I’ve always kept my body in good condition and I wanted to tan my pale body all over to a nice warm golden color, without having awkward tan lines from board shorts. But unfortunately, try as I might, I couldn’t find any alternative swimwear that wasn’t either Speedos or swim shorts. I don’t understand why men shouldn’t have just as much choice and variety as women when it comes to swimwear, and yet we’re stuck with the same blocky pair of shorts with only a mild variation in patterns to show our individuality.

My introduction to micro swimwear was simple; I started paying attention at the beach, and the next time I saw gay Singapore men in swimwear I liked or that looked different, I steeled my nerve, gathered up my confidence and approached them to ask where they had found there unique swimwear from. I pursued the promise of alternative swimwear with much more enthusiasm than anything else, because I couldn’t help but be aroused by the gay Singapore men in their micro swimwear. It showed off their hot bodies perfectly, without covering anything up. Sometimes the swimwear was so small that I could see that they had shaved their pubic hair, leaving smooth, hairless skin.

I wanted to wear micro swimwear myself, but I also wanted to see more men in it. As soon as I got a good lead on where to buy micro swimwear from, I immediately ordered some outfits for myself and tried them on, at first in private. It felt amazing – just as I imagined – because there was the excitement of the slight exhibitionism of having so much of my skin on display. Of course most of the swimwear was Lycra, created to lie close to my cock and balls like a second skin, pulling everything tight. They were absolutely perfect for sunbathing too, because some of the skimpier designs had a simply thong or G-string back which covered very little of my ass, letting the sun reach my pale, muscled ass cheeks. I could get an almost all-over body tan with micro swimwear, which looked really great when I was naked.

After a couple of weeks of wearing micro swimwear on the beach and getting more than my fair share of appreciative glances from micro swimwear men I started watching the guys around me, dressed in their boring board shorts. It wasn’t just gay Singapore men; I caught sight of a couple of straight guys who were clearly interested by the idea of getting a full tan without sunbathing naked. That was when I made the decision to use my job to introduce the concept of alternative swimwear to the gay Singapore men’s community, if only to replace a few of the boring, monotonous pairs of board shorts on the beach. Why does a guy’s body have to be covered up? There are men all over the world who work hard to keep their bodies in great shape who are really hot, but they have to hide it under huge baggy swim shorts.

For my piece on micro swimwear for the gay Singapore men website, I wanted to use gay Singapore men models to show the beauty of the male body in micro swimwear, and how the right swimsuit can really show off your assets. I have two favorites, both designed and created by Michael David, the man behind and some of the best micro swimwear in the world. In my opinion, these two designs display the best qualities of alternative swimwear.

The Spontaneous Bikini is the absolute pinnacle of micro swimwear, keeping coverage to the minimum while still keeping your decency. The back is a simple half bikini half thong design, which covers very little of your ass but enough that you’re not flashing your private parts to the rest of the world when you bend over. Calling the front simple would be a huge understatement however, because it’s one of the most ingenious designs ever conceived. An electric blue pouch wraps around your cock and balls, while a strap tightens around the base of your genitals to keep it in place. The best thing about it isn’t that you can tan every inch of your body without getting tan lines, but that when you’re wearing it it’s almost the same as wearing nothing at all. You can stand on the beach in the Spontaneous Bikini and feel the thrill of exhibitionism, but there’s just enough material there to count as covering up! I’ve never seen a guy who hasn’t looked hot in this skimpy swimsuit and because of the style it looks even sexier to see the smooth hairless pubic area of shaven gay Singapore men.

The Smoking Gun looks great on men, with its translucent grey sheer material. If you see a guy wearing it you don’t immediately know that it’s see-through, but it catches your eye. It’s only when you get closer that you realize how revealing the metallic material is. The truly unique and inspired thing about the Smoking gun isn’t the transparency; it’s the shape that fits around an erect penis perfectly, displaying your dick straight in front of you. Last time I saw gay men wearing one of these, I couldn’t help myself from touching it, so it was just as well that I already knew him! I gave him a blow job in the Smoking Gun, and the combination of the warmth of my blood and the slight abrasive quality and unusual texture of the swimwear had him on the edge in minutes. Admittedly, this is a swimwear design that you couldn’t wear at a lot of beaches, but it’s such an amazing and special design that it will have people drooling all over you if you do.

For my piece on alternative swimwear for spandex men I plan to take these two designs and a few more to some of the best beaches in Singapore for a photo shoot. I really believe that the scene of sun, sand and a beautiful landscape is the perfect way to showcase alternative swimwear, and more importantly the male body. Guys shouldn’t drown their bodies in ugly material that hides everything male about their form – they should make the most of what they have and show it off!

Judging by the designs at Koala Swim, Americans must be several steps ahead of spandex men, because they truly appreciate men’s bodies. One of the great things about micro swimwear is that you can wear tiny swimwear with barely any material that covers enough to keep to public decency laws without hiding more than you need to. There are some designs like the Smoking Gun that occupy the ‘grey’ area of the law, but if you’re shy about flaunting it all in public, micro swimwear is so arousing and enjoyable to wear that it’s worth having some to wear at home in private, or even under your clothes as underwear.

It’s hard to put my finger on why so many gay Singapore men have fallen for the tight, revealing Lycra innovations that are micro swimwear. It could be the sensation of having a tight, highly sensitive piece of material wrapped around your cock. Maybe it’s the excitement and voyeurism of wearing something in public that displays almost as much of your body as if you were completely naked, or that draws attention to your body even more than complete nudity. For whatever reason, I’m certain that the word will spread among the entire population of gay Singapore men, until it’s as popular here as it is in the U.S.

Finding Gay Singapore Men

Looking for gay Singapore men and actually finding them is not always the easiest thing to do. but it is not the hardest, either. Now you could try going to the gay clubs in town to see if there are any of them there, but that can be a bit time consuming. It might be fun for you to get out of the house and everything, but you might find that these guys are not in your area all that much. So, the next best thing is to start looking around online for any sites that feature gay Singapore men. There are plenty of sites that will offer you the opportunity to chat with these guys and there is also the possibility of meeting up if that is something the two of you are comfortable with doing. Just make sure you do not push the issue because that makes you seem a little creepy to these guys that are simply looking for companionship. If that does not work, you can always plan a trip to Singapore and see how that turns out, although that can be rather difficult for most guys. You can always save money and go.


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